Why Choose Hendon Group, Inc.

Program Leadership Expertise

Hendon Group, Inc. is a full service program leadership consulting firm experienced in leading client strategic initiatives. Our focus is on assisting clients in planning, executing and controlling advanced-technology based strategic initiatives by delivering results, thought leadership and value. Our clients expect this.

High Client Satisfaction

Our professionalism, focus on delivering superior results, resolving issues quickly and protecting our clients intellectual property are key reasons our clients consistently score our firm high in client satisfaction. Our high client satisfaction is demonstrated through repeat business, engagement extensions and referrals. Our clients want this.

Results focused

We believe if we take care of our clients, our clients will take care of us. This keeps us laser focused on: 1) Helping our clients achieve their program goals, objectives and stakeholder commitments; 2) Delivering on our commitments. We have delivered some client programs early and up to 25% under budget. Our clients love this.

Trusted Advisor

Our clients view Hendon Group as a trusted advisor because we tell the truth in our communications. We give this “Straight Talk” at all levels of the organization…from the executive steering committee to the program team SME. This straight talk is also delivered through coaching and mentoring client team members. Our client sponsor’s desire this.


We believe program issues are like Accounts Receivable…they get worse with age. One of our strengths is resolving program issues quickly. The benefits are: initiatives are completed sooner, at lower cost and the sponsor spends less time on issue resolution (i.e., a short phone call versus hours of meetings). Our clients need this.

Cross Industry Expertise

We currently serve clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, property and casualty insurance, aerospace and defense, banking, digital media, legal and construction industries. Our cross industry expertise allows us lead programs from a broader perspective.  Our clients prefer this.

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